The very first can

Even in ancient times people tried to make foods more durable. They dried, smoked, pickled and salted meat and fish. This way they could store and transport food safely. In 1809 French government offered a reward to anyone, who could find a solution for transporting large quantities of food to soldiers in frontlines and sailors on ships far away from home. Nicholas Appert Francois, the cook and confectioner, came forward. He proved that durability of the foods can be prolonged if contained in air-tight container with hot water for a while. Only 50 years later Luis Pasteur offered a scientific proof that this process is successful due to destruction of harmful microorganisms. At first the containers were made of glass. The turning point was made in 1810, when Englishman Peter Durand patented a little tin container, which then replaced glass.


Source: Bruno Volpi Lisjak, Delamaris 1879-1999, 120 years from the sea into the tin-can, 1999