System of quality management


Quality is self-evident necessity today, not only advantage in the market anymore. The necessity of producing safe fish cans of high quality puts in front of Delamaris new challenges, which guide our work. To assure safe and appropriate procedures in the process of production and later in sales, we introduced to our working process internal control HACCP, which is a part of quality management. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It is based on the analysis of possible risks and control of critical points. HACCP represents documented tools for quality control and safety of products throughout the production process and assures the traceability of origin.

The system of quality management allows us to introduce the methods of tracing and monitoring of all the process phases. Traceability includes all procedures from raw material to the final product including the delivery to customers. Our method of process monitoring and data gathering allows us to monitor exactly all the processing fazes, noting and reanalyzing. All of that combined is the basis for traceability and assures safety of the final product. Traceability is a mechanism which allows us to establish the origin of every single food product and its ingredients and find out to whom it was delivered. In case of complaint concerning a defect we can track down every single defective product and take it off the market.


IFS (International Food Standard) is an international standard of rating suppliers in food industry. It is designed to establish communication between dealer and producer. The IFS standard was developed by German trade association HDE and French trade association FCD in 2001. In 2006 we began to comply with 336 requirements of the IFS standard and managed to acquire the quality certificate. The standard combines the requirements of the HACCP system, rules of proper business and hygiene practice, traceability and marking of goods. We are well aware of the requirements, made by the ever more demanding business environment, and we want to adjust our work to the criteria of our branch. Working according to quality standards is our motto which ensures safety and quality of our products and increases the trust among our customers.

IFS Delamaris certificate